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During a recent yoga class the teacher demonstrated a mudra, which she said was used to connect oneself to the earth.

A mudra, or a symbolic hand gesture, can be used to help strengthen the power of your intention. Mudras are traditionally used in yoga practices, and in Hindu and Buddhist ceremonies.

I’ve adapted that mudra as a part of my practice of setting a dream intention when I’m preparing to incubate a healing dream for the planet.

Here’s how:

  • Place your left hand on your heart center to connect to your individual heart, your personal and unique passions and desires.
  • Place your right hand palm facing down on your cushion, chair, or thigh,  facing toward the earth. Feel your connection with the shared source of all life…the Earth’s heart.
  • Take a few breaths here, connecting with your individual unique heart, and our common shared source, the earth.
  • When you feel connected…

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  1. Thanks to your advice,
    I’ve been practicing the ganeesha mudra this week!
    Happy healing days,

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