Dream with 350 Dreamers on May 5: Put the power of your dreams behind your commitment to Global Healing!

350 Dreamers


5/ May/ 2012

Contact: Tzivia Gover

Dream with us on the night of May 5!


Inspired by 350.org, 350 Dreamers is a global community of people who dedicate their dreams to Global Healing in the face of the climate change crisis. We choose a night and agree to invite and incubate dreams for global healing. On Saturday, May 5, 2012 350 Dreamers will have a group dream in tandem with 350.org’s worldwide day of demonstrations, “Connect The Dots” event.

WHO: Over 500 dreamers from all over the world, including: Argentina, Puerto Rico, Belgium, Canada, The Netherlands, Iran, Japan, the United States, England … and many more!

WHAT: DREAM with 350Dreamers on Saturday night, May 5, in our quest to use the power of dreams to help heal the planet Earth in the face of global climate change.

WHERE: Wherever you are! Simply set…

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