14 responses to “Dreamwork as Play (CV)

  1. David

    I enjoyed seeing how I might enjoy playing with my dreams. I think your ideas want to play to more audiences, op ed piece? Dreamtime? C
    hapter in a book on dreams?

  2. Great tips on how to incorporate playing into as much as your life as possible in all kinds of creative ways. I think I’m going to pull the blinds down now, turn up the music and dance!


  3. I just read this and am ready to have some dreams!

  4. Hoping I dream tonight so I can try some of your ideas!

  5. flowtops

    I never really thought about doing something substantial with my dreams. Gonna try some of your ideas!


  6. great losener of the nerve here…
    full play ahead. love it!

  7. I like all your suggestions, especially the one about acting out and dancing dreams – what a nice way to experience them while awake!

  8. Sounds like some fun is happening there dear sister Tzivia,
    I love how you look in the polka dotted apron!!
    Your dreams are bringing you to the fountain of youth which is in the same plaza of course as the fountain of play! Hooray! And good day!ā™”

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