20-20 Hindsight–or–The Problem with Precognitive Dreams

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Dreams come true

Yes, dreams do come true.  We call these visions, glimpsed first with our sleeping inward-looking eyes, precognitive. It happens to me, and my guess is that it’s happened to most people at one time or another. You have a dream and then days, weeks, or months later, there you are, wide awake and experiencing the event that you dreamed about.

I have had big dreams that have correctly predicted where I’d live, turns my career path would take, or people I’d meet. And I’ve had dreams that foretold smaller events: Things people in my life would say or do or wear.

Exciting! Right? Magical? Sure. But there’s a problem. I never know when I have a dream whether or not it’s going to come true in waking life. Most of them don’t (sometimes that’s a relief, sometimes a disappointment).

I only know that a dream was precognitive – in hindsight.

Looking through an old dream journal, for example, I sometimes gasp, realizing the dream knew something that was coming my way, while I had no conscious inkling that life was about to take that turn. But those dreams are sprinkled randomly, so it seems to me, among hundreds of others that don’t come true.

What if I could know for certain which dreams were forecasting the future? Would I act differently? Would I, for example, have not bothered to look at apartments across town or across the state if I’d known all along that the dream where I was riding my bicycle down S. Street was actually giving me specific instructions about where I’d live next?

Would I have made that career move had I known the dreams I’d had months earlier were showing me, quite literally, the pitfalls and promise of that choice?

Free will has its appeal, after all. There’s a lot to be said for exercising our waking powers of logic and discernment.

So what’s the good of precognitive dreams if you don’t know they were predicting the future until the dream has faded into the past?

For me, when I find myself stepping into a familiar scenario I first previewed in a dream, I feel a sense contentment and ease. It’s if I’ve arrived in the place where I’ve been expected to turn up and my life has been waiting there for me with welcoming arms.

On the other hand, If I could find a way to recognize the foresight in my dreams before it turned to hindsight, I wouldn’t hesitate to ask my dreams to help me preview the winning lottery number. That would be a dream I’d like to see come true!


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4 responses to “20-20 Hindsight–or–The Problem with Precognitive Dreams

  1. A great post. I believe in dreams too xo

  2. That last dream would be nice indeed! But maybe, after all, not necessarily….

  3. I, too, believe in the power of dreams, but I’m just getting over the flu and had some very strange fever-related dreams including one in which I adopted a Tasmanian devil. I hope that one does not come true!!

  4. might this have anything to do with time shifts?
    i’m just glad we’re not living ground hog day all the time, though…

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