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Recently, in a week’s worth of dreams, I’ve encountered polar bears – twice. Each one, magnificent and mighty, stormed through two very different dreams, several nights apart. Each bear literally burst into my dreams. Clearly they wanted to get my attention.

Often we’re blind to our own dream’s meanings—and you can color me guilty. Like someone looking for a polar bear in a blizzard, perhaps, I couldn’t see what was right in front of my eyes.

I asked some of my dream-savvy friends what the polar bears might symbolize. “Well,” my friend Gale said, as if hesitant to insult me by stating the obvious, “Polar bears are endangered,” she said. “Their habitat is literally melting away. The situation is urgent. Haven’t you seen the Coke cans with the Polar Bears on them?”

I hadn’t. But I was beginning to see the light.

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  1. Bob


    i dreamt of a polar bear perhaps a year ago, coinciding with a time that indeed had to do with surviving – even thriving somehow – in an austere and difficult environment. in the dream the polar bear swam to me, we were both underwater, and i was not afraid; there seemed no threat involved. the polar bear came up close to me and i petted and played with it; it was affectionate. given the circumstances of my non-dreaming life, i understood that while times would involve some difficulty – being alone, in a period that could be described as cold and unforgiving – the strength was/is within me to perservere, to, in fact, become stronger. it is a dream that stays with me, like a friend, as was the polar bear in the dream.

  2. Bob

    and yes, third house moon in virgo, having just arrived at this site and taking a look around.

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