Something Old … Something New … (CV)

In honor of Valentine’s Week … today I’m posting something old, specifically, my post from February 15, 2011, one year ago today.

Valentine’s Week Post Redux

In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities.”

Janos Arnay  (Hungarian epic poet, 1817- 1882)

(Roses compliments of DNMNK)

Imagine the possibilities! Dream big.


Spread the love ❤

Something New

On February 15, 2012, the roses have longer stems, and are beautiful all over again.


To see what’s old and what’s new, what’s borrowed and what’s blue all around the world, start with this Corner View site.

Valentine's day countdown

Valentine's day countdown (Photo credit: Julie K in Taiwan)


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3 responses to “Something Old … Something New … (CV)

  1. ;)))
    i had a vivid dream. i have them these days. erm, nights.
    i had to think of you!

  2. I second the hungarian epic poet!

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