Birthday Poem

Going Gray

I am winter’s unrelenting frost,

I am the tresses

Rapunzel’s suitors

Never anticipated.

I am an unwanted birthday party

Of stubborn guests.

I am a painting after the rain has streamed over it,

Colorless tears crying its length.

I am the alchemist’s laboratory

Turning common brown to shining silver.

I am a multiplication riddle where every subtraction adds up to more.

I am unstoppable as the tides.

Inevitable as the grave.

I am the secret your perpetually blonde mother

Never revealed.

© Tzivia Gover, February 12, 2012


Happy Birthday

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5 responses to “Birthday Poem

  1. seriously?
    you’re aquarius too?
    congrats, sweet!!!
    excellent poem, by the way.

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