Celebrate Janus: Dream up New Beginnings in January (CV)

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January |ˈjanyoōˌerē|

noun ( pl. -aries)

the first month of the year.

ORIGIN Old English , from Latin Januarius (mensis) ‘(month) of Janus ’ (see Janus ), the Roman god who presided over gates, doors and beginnings.

Happy January! In the spirit of Janus, consider what gateway you’d like to step through. What is beginning in your life and what would you like to start? Each night is another opportunity to step through the doorway of your dreams, into new ways of seeing, perceiving and conceiving your life and experiences.


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12 responses to “Celebrate Janus: Dream up New Beginnings in January (CV)

  1. I love the blue door and pots!! It is sure to brighten any grey day. 🙂 xo

  2. I’d like to walk through that lovely blue door. I will have to think of before I fall asleep tonight.

  3. i’ve had the wildest dreams this month, maybe i’m beginning a new year/phase in my life!

  4. that’s right! ask janus… i couldn’t agree more, as a matter of fact.

  5. °

    just playing around with some gatey marks…
    love the idea of walking thru new ones for the new year!♡
    happy sweet dreams,
    PS translation of my above door-mark-graphic poem:

  6. I’m having very weird scary dreams lately. janus, what are you trying to tell me? 😉

  7. Sylvia

    This is part of a poem I wrote in 1995 for someone dear to me who graduated from College in her late 60’s. Your wonderful blue door image reminded me of it. Thanks so much.

    The Key
    For every avenue there’s a path,
    On every path there’s a door.

    You can see the door and choose not to go beyond,
    But leave and take another route.

    You can use your key and open the door, in anticipation,
    Or in dread, not knowing what you’ll find.

    Some doors are inviting, others are scary.
    There are bright ones, dark ones, doors one feels
    Compelled to enter,
    Others that are abruptly, rudely, thrown in our way.

    But always by opening a door, new experience awaits,
    New opportunity for growth.

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