A Wonderful Year (Ring in the New – CV)

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A new year is a hopeful thing, like a new journal, a brand new book, new socks, a new coat of paint! For me the January’s blank slate also prompts me to wonder what Wonderful Things I’ll fill the year with.

Like everyone else, I want 2012 to be full of prosperity, happiness, and joy. But I have an added motivation, which is that at the end of each year I make a list of 101 Wonderful Things about the year that just passed. Some years it’s more difficult to wring out 101 Wonderful Things for my list, but it’s usually pretty easy once you get in the habit of looking for them.

If you’re doing the math, 101 wonderful things per year boils down to about .275 wonderful things per day. So, by today, Jan. 11, I should have accumulated at least 3 Wonderful Things. That’s a very reasonable pace. In fact, I try to end each day by reflecting on 10 Wonderful Things about the past 24 hours. If my memory were better I’d easily have 3,650 wonderful things to list by Dec. 31.

So, as I prepare to close the book on 2011, I can’t help but notice that many of my Wonderful Things last year had to do with Dreaming, Writing, and Mindfulness … the three pillars of my Building-a-Conscious-&-Wonderful-Life Philosophy.

Here are some of the things that made it to the list for 2011 and that fit into those categories:

#1 My Proprioceptive Writing Practice, including my weekly PW calls with R&G. #2 My dreams that guide, provoke, reassure, accompany, and ground me … as well as let me fly, travel, twirl, somersault, dance … etc. #3 The gift of Reiki continuing to flow through my life, for which I’m grateful to my sister, Rachel, Marilyn (my teacher), and the whole Reiki lineage. #4 Celebrating my 5 year anniversary of having a regular yoga practice. #5 Becoming an editor with All Things Healing’s Dream Medicine Page. #7 Lucid Dream Meetups downtown over Thai food once a month. #18 Following Deepak Chopra’s Energy guidelines for a month or two: Weekly lassi fasts and daily routines that felt GOOD. #22 Dreaming each month with the Dreaming Global Illumination Full Moon Dream group. #24 Another year of hosting 350 Dreamers and dreaming with others from India, Europe, Asia, Canada, the US, etc… for Global Healing. #25 Publishing LEARNING IN MRS TOWNE’S HOUSE, with DNMNK’s encouragement. #29 Maho Bay dreams: experiencing nature as part of me, & me part of nature during my first vacation in the U.S. Virgin Islands. #32 Graduating from the Institute of Dream Studies and becoming a Certified Dream Therapist. #41 Taking a Tibetan Dream Yoga weekend workshop with Michael Katz. #42 Seeing Herzog’s “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” (twice … once with mom and once with DNMNK). #46 Participating in a free teleseminar with Jean Houston. She said (among many other Wonderful Things), “The universe is in love with you.” #59 The dream healing that allowed me to go on Mass Appeal’s local TV show to talk about dreams. #60 My first trip to The Netherlands and Belgium, thanks to my participation in the International Association for the Study of Dreams annual conference.#80 Learning to love the Tarot and discovering how well Tarot and dreaming go together!#99 Falling in love with trees. I may become a bonafide tree hugger yet#101 An unexpected visit with Virginia in Santa Fe … the silver lining I needed at year’s end.


So, will you try it? Start a 10 Wonderful Things practice in your day to day life, and then add a 101 Wonderful Things tradition at year’s end? What Wonderful Things can you add to your list today?


To learn more about the intersection of dreams, writing, and mindfulness and how these three pillars can help you build a Wonderful&Conscious Life, visit my web site.


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9 responses to “A Wonderful Year (Ring in the New – CV)

  1. how nice those wishlist, i have made one myself but in an illustration way!
    i’m busy with a book about reiki and i will do the illustrations!

    dream on in 2012!

  2. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz? ha ha ha!
    too many resolutions from everyone this month. I’m just hopping along this world trying my best 🙂

  3. I do something similar. I write in my journal my thoughts on how the year was and how it ended and where I “am.” Then I flip back to my journal entry to compare the beginning of the new year with the beginning of the year that just ended.

    Happy new year!

  4. algebra!!!!!!!!
    but what delightful numbering too…

  5. sounds like a very full year! I envy your 5 years of regular yoga practice. Happy 2012!

  6. What a year it was for you! Amazing to see it all there in print, no wonder you mentioned today something about…rest!!! Enjoy! love and all the best of everything you dream of for 2012…xo♡

    PS thank you for mentioning moi, I’m honored to appear there;))

  7. I applied to Stanford University because I wanted to refine my clinical understanding of lucid dreaming: the ability to become conscious during dreams and affect their content.

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