Dreams of Three (CV)


What does it mean when you dream of threes?

In myth and fairytale threes are always important. You get three wishes, there were three evil step sisters, three bears, the hero often needs three tries to succeed.

In Christianity we have the Holy Trinity.

In numerology three represents optimism, idealism and ideas, among other things.

When three shows up in your dream, it might have significance beyond the simple fact of 1 + 1 + 1 …

The number three in a dream can refer to an age … If three turns up in your dream you might ask yourself what was happening in your life when you were three years old?

Or it might refer to past, present and future … beginning, middle and end.

Could the third time be the charm?

Three is an odd number; three’s a crowd, after all … do you feel like a third wheel, an extra, in some aspect of your life?

As with any dream symbol, things that come in threes, or the number three on its own could mean many different things.

If you have the same dream scenario three times, it’s time to pay attention to it.

If the same animal appears in your dreams three times, it may be appearing as your totem, or a spirit guide.

What is your personal definition of three? Has it turned up in your dreams lately?


Happy August 3!


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11 responses to “Dreams of Three (CV)

  1. Oh! I don’t think I’ve ever dreamed of numbers before!

    • Hi Mezzamay, sometimes the “number” comes in the form of “things” such as three dogs, three cups, three cars, etc. Keep watching, they’re there 🙂

  2. 3, one of the magic numbers that are highly symbolic. Many cultures used number symbolism during the times. Very fascinating view of today’s cv theme, thanks!

  3. all that in a little number! thanks!

  4. Wait, it IS August 3rd… Wonder if George had thought about that when he suggested the theme!

    I’ve always had a confusing relation with numbers in dreams. Once I dreamt about the number 38. I’m not sure if in my dream it was my age, but there was this voice saying “That’s what you’ll have to make do with” and for the longest time I kept thinking this would be my final year. (Hope not, ’cause I am 38 at the moment…) Then again, I’ve dreamt about stairs and elevators and the number of floors in buildings etcetera as well. With exact numbers, such as 74 or 103 or 22. So, I guess I am a bit of a number geek when it comes to dreams.

    • Those numbers … and dreams .. can mean so many different things! “Make do” is an interesting phrase. It makes me think that 38 might be a year to make things happen!

  5. Great post – and I didn’t catch that are trio theme was on the 3rd, which seems beyond appropriate.

  6. pleasure dream this trios!!
    lovely seastars! you live nearby the sea?

  7. well now. my love of numbers is getting attention here. 😉
    i can’t recall explicitly a 3, or symbolic in things, but that’s mainly because i may not pay attention. i sense three and i like it alot. as said, many things come in threes, and third time best!
    oh and in shop window presentations 3 works, wheras two or four don’t).
    all my ♥, nadine

  8. super interesting set of explanations and examples about the symbolism of the number three – I never gave it much thought, I always assumed that it was number 7 the most symbolic of all.

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