In The Early Morning When The Sun is Creeping … (CV)

“In the early morning when the sun is creeping

into my bedroom while I’m still sleeping …

Wake me up gently, wake me up slow …”

Wake Me Up Gently by Deirdre McCalla

"Dewy Leaf" photo by Aja Riggs

Deirdre McCalla’s song, “Wake Me Up Gently” has been stuck in my head since 1985 when I first heard it. It could easily be the Dreamer’s Official Anthem.

I remember as a teenager, hearing my mother say, “You’re so moody in the morning, I just try not to talk to you before 10 a.m.”

I felt misunderstood (well, of course I did, I was a teenager, after all! I ALWAYS felt misunderstood). But not in the usual way. This time I realized that what I was experiencing internally was vastly different from what my mother was observing.

I was moody. But the mood was quiet, distant, a world away. In a word: Dreamy.

When I wake  from a night’s sleep it’s like when a traveler returns from a 2-week intercontinental voyage. I need time to process, look over my snapshots, so to speak … paste images into my scrapbook. In my case I need time to reflect on the night’s dreams.

Early morning for me is a time to lie in bed and think about the dreams that just ended, write in my dream journal, eat my breakfast in silence, meditate if there’s time.

Alarm clocks are cruel, and the enemy of dream recall. A ringing phone, a loved one with a perfectly reasonable question or request … can’t it all wait an hour or two?


Sing it with me now! (Click the link below or the quote above to hear Deirdre sing it):

“Wake me up with a gentle love song on the radio … “


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2 responses to “In The Early Morning When The Sun is Creeping … (CV)

  1. well, i couldn’t actually listen to your dream link, but never mind i listened to another song through youtube, and i ‘m sure i’m catching the drift.
    i totally follow what you’re saying about waking gently. i’m sure that’s why i’m switching on my alarm a small hour early…..

  2. I think that song was written about ME! Thank you for sharing!

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