Dreaming of Willow Trees: Through a Child’s Eyes (CV)

Willow Tree, Brugge, Belgium

As a child, I used to play beneath the willow tree near the water’s edge at my grandparents’ house. My grandmother died when I was 4 years old. My whole world changed after that. But the sweet feeling of safety beneath the skirts of that tree’s branches will forever be wrapped in memories of my Grandma Fran. Lately I’ve been dreaming of willow trees. During my vacation in Belgium and The Netherlands this summer, I got to re-experience the childhood joy of being sheltered by the willow’s branches!

Beneath the willow tree, Brugge, Summer 2011



The weeping willow tree

is a woman whose long skirts

and long hair

make a curtain for our play.

The weeping willow tree

brushes the grass with her fingertips

brushes the clouds with her lashes.

The weeping willow tree

sweeps her gaze across the emerald lawn

sweeps her gaze across the silent bay.

The weeping willow holds us while we play.

She holds our memories.

She wrote this music with the wind.

Copyright 2011 Tzivia Gover

Willow, Kerkrade, The Netherlands, June 2011


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7 responses to “Dreaming of Willow Trees: Through a Child’s Eyes (CV)

  1. Lovely childhood memory!

  2. I love the green and the joy in this post and in your eyes:))
    I remember the willow tree, and it still makes me happy to be under one too.
    We have a few weeping willow trees nearby so I often sit there, and to see your photo it is exciting to see your happiness in finding one in Belgium! Love,

  3. ha, willow tree. yes, it is a very special tree.
    in flemish it is simply called weeping tree, it is true.
    you describe it well. as a child i didn’t honestly know why ever such tree would be weeping….
    i also love to listen to the sound of the silver leafs, towards autumn, when the wind makes a play for it.
    the picture of you beneath it says it all too…. 😉

  4. lovely. apparently, I’m most rooted in pine trees – strange.

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