If I Could, I Would (Wood) — CV

Leaves and Water

Image by lakewentworth via Flickr

I wish I could show you my dreams:

The one last night, with the trees thrusting

into the clear blue, and me on my bike

looking up, and telling God

my wish. If I could

I would take a photograph

And post it here, of the dream

where I’m washing my hair

using leaves for suds.

I wanted so much

for you to see it.

I wish I could play you a movie

of what I saw last night

the baby on the couch,

the cat long gone ,

the dust, like curtains

of mist. And the night before

And the night before that.


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9 responses to “If I Could, I Would (Wood) — CV

  1. wondrous…. but you are taking us!

    i’m at no memories again. i don’t mind.
    it is calm before the storm, i’m guessing….
    ha ha ha….

    better knock, knock… on wood!

  2. I wish you wood!:) In the meanwhile, you’re telling us about your dreams beautifully.

  3. Don

    Wonderful wood dreams!

  4. oh, I wood too if I were you.

  5. May I call you Little Red Writing Wood?

  6. maybe you are not an artist making forms with your hands but there are many many images here that you have made with your words. working for me! love the idea of the abc books from mother to child.

  7. Your connections with nature seem to be deepening and speaking to you more and more deeply in this your rabbit year! So many gorgeous and intriquing images in your woods flowing poem…

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