Once In A Blue Moon – A Dream Poem

blue moon over manhattan

Image by atomicshark via Flickr

In Last Night’s Dream …

The waiter takes our drink orders

He recommends Moon-saki.

I like the sound of that.

It’s nice, isn’t it, my dinner companion says,

To fall asleep beneath the moondew?


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12 responses to “Once In A Blue Moon – A Dream Poem

  1. Moon saki sounds great, even if I never drink alcohol (Is there any alcohol in it?).
    And the blue moon is beautiful to see.

  2. Moon-saki… I think I’ll order me some of that and fall asleep beneath the moondew! Thanks, Tzivia! You are a world builder. Thank you for sharing it! xR

  3. Moondew, that’s an interesting word…

  4. David

    Moon-saki, moon dew!! Yea for dream creativity.

  5. some moon saki, yes. to think the rain away perhaps.

  6. A dream poem about water and the sky! I like your companion in the dream 🙂

  7. What a beautiful picture!

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