Follow the Dream … Find Art, Poetry, Pride and Humilty (CV)

Morgan Libray, Manhattan, New York City, NY

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Friday afternoon I was browsing in the gift shop of the Morgan Library in New York City when postcard caught my eye. It was a picture of a tree with nesting birds in its branches. On the ground below the branches an ox with two hearts on its side was grazing beside a person crouched down eating something.

The Dream of Nebuchadnezzer

I know exactly why that picture–amongst the hundreds others displayed on racks beside, above, and below it– caught my eye. I’ve been dreaming of trees lately: There was the beautiful painting of a tree that I discovered in a drawer in a dream a couple of months ago, and the giant tree that I came upon in a dream of India in which I was trying to fly to its highest branches–among others.

I studied this postcard for a minute or so, enjoying its colors and the whimsy of the birds in the branches, before finally turning the card over to read more about the piece of artwork. The printed information read:

The Dream of Neuchadnezzer

Illumination from Beatus of Liebana’s

Commentary on the Apocalypse (M.644, fol. 252v)

Spain  926

©The Pierpont Morgan Library, New York


That was tantalizing indeed! First I was drawn to the postcard because I’d seen a similar tree in my dream, and then I discover that this was an illustration of the dream of another.

When I got home I went to Google to learn more about the image and the ancient dream of Nebuchadnezzar. What I found was intense and disturbing – unlike the blissful beauty of the trees that heave been appearing in my dreams, this is what Wikipedia had to say about the Tree dream of Nebuchadnezzar:

Daniel chapter 4 contains an account of another of Nebuchadnezzar’s dreams, this time of an immense tree, which Daniel interprets that Nebuchadnezzar will go insane for seven years because of his pride.

While boasting over his achievements, Nebuchadnezzar is humbled by God. The king loses his sanity and lives in the wild like an animal for seven years. After this, his sanity and position are restored and he praises and honors God.

While reading the text about Nebuchadnezzar’s pride and insanity, I also found another piece of art by one of my favorite poets and artists, William Blake.

Nebuchadnezzar, by William Blake

I’m still not sure what the trees in my dreams represent, but I am forever fascinated by the places my dreams (mixed with my awakened curiosity) take me. In this case: Art, Poetry, Apocalypse, Pride, Praise and Humility.

That’s one way to, “Follow your dreams.”

Where do your dreams lead you?


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9 responses to “Follow the Dream … Find Art, Poetry, Pride and Humilty (CV)

  1. It’s like in a tale… So, Art is a part of your mind, of your life. I like your story. Follow your dreams…
    See, in my books today… one on William Blake 😉

  2. oh, my dreams, they lead me, hm, lately…. not anywhere really. but i don’t mind. they’ll get meaning again.
    the story about the tree is disturbing indeed, but funny you find the postcard like this!

    imagine seven years for being proud.
    no, thanks.

    although i like 7, but that’s another story, i guess.

  3. Dick

    One could say “Dreams lead nowhere, but it’s the scenic route.”

    Of course, they may lead to the center of your life, your best next step, the future of your dreams. Not on any objective “map”, so it would look like nowhere to many people. But for the dreamers, it may be the best path. Acting on any dream is a sacred act, even when it appears simple and mundane to others.

  4. beautiful dreams, the one about flying up to the tree in India, wow!
    Exciting connections and places you’re lead to, and was that recently a trip to NY?
    Me too I find out so much about where you’ve been through visiting here:))) and now off to dreams,,

  5. I think dreaming of going to the highest branches in India is very auspicious. But then again, India is a symbol of spirituality to me.

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