Organic Form: The Shape Dreams Take

Line art representation of a Starfish

Image via Wikipedia

Organic Form is a term that refers to visual and literary art.

The literary creation, for example, arises naturally from the materials at hand: Character or subject.

Starfish photographed last week on Isle of Palms, SC -- click on the photo for the story of Starfish Dreamers

Feathers, clouds, and grasses … these are organic shapes.

The dream is a work of art … a creation involving color, shape, line, character, dialogue, plot and narrative, moral and meaning. It is a creation that appears spontaneously, in full detail and full of action.

Seemingly without rules or proscriptions of any sort, the dream manifests within our minds, using the materials at hand: memory, emotion, experience and belief.

Dream Clouds by Tzivia - Click the photo to read my poem about dream clouds, an example of poetic organic form.

What shape do your dreams take?


Please click on the Starfish photo above to read more about Starfish Dreamers and the plight of the starfish in the Southern USA.
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12 responses to “Organic Form: The Shape Dreams Take

  1. My daydreams are very “liquid” – lots of colors and shapes. By night I am always entangled in suspension, drama, the world needs to be safed (again and again and again). I like the daydreams best.

    • Interesting contrast … your dreams by day and your dreams by night. Maybe you can bring some of that liquid color and shape into your night time dreams?

  2. that is an interesting question.
    i may have to skip an answer to that.
    but i’m sure it will keep me awake a while, the question, tonight.

  3. What a nice post. Now I understand what the theme can be 😉 Thanks!

  4. BEautiful cloud painting and poem,
    I will dream tonite for the starfish:)

  5. thanks for your nice comment! oh my – what a full subject – but i see you are going to spend some time on it! i especially like the last post about counting your blessings instead of your sheep! i used to look at all my old photos when i couldn’t sleep. now i put my photos on a blog! sleeping these days? so-so!

  6. I never thought of my dreams having shape and I’m so bad a remembering my dreams. I like your painting 🙂

  7. I’d love for my dreams to take the shape of a starfish or a shell!

  8. Ian

    I really like the way you design your posts.

  9. Don

    My dreams come in many shapes but I forget most of them. Sometimes I dream about art and sometimes I fly. Free as a bird.

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