Yogi Offers Wisdom for Dreamers (Winter Tea for CV)

Whitecliffs, Canterbury, New Zealand

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Some people read tea-leaves to gain deep wisdom. That’s too esoteric for me. Instead, I just read the little tag on the tea bags I get from Yogi Teas.

This one offered some excellent advice for happy dreamers:

Morning Tea Nets Yogi Wisdom

“Don’t sleep counting sheep. Count your blessings, then sleep.”

(Here you can hear a little musical accompaniment to that thought … compliments of Bing Crosby!)

Wishing sweet slumbers to all!




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5 responses to “Yogi Offers Wisdom for Dreamers (Winter Tea for CV)

  1. And now I will have a double good night sleep to count blessings and the sheep in the picture! Thanks Tzivi, sweet day!

  2. hm…
    do you know? i never count them, sheep…
    i toss, and turn.
    i shouldn’t, but i do.
    blessings, now…
    would it keep me awake?

  3. Don

    This is a good idea for winter dreaming!

  4. nothing wrong with that… good advice in little sips.

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