When the Dream Forcasts Rain (CV)

Dream: I find myself in a warmly lit parking lot outside a restaurant. Clouds are gathering, thickly layered, black and gray. There’s lightning in the distance. How will I get home? I ask if anyone can give me a ride to Northampton. A young man says he’ll take me. Just then, rain begins to pour down. The man pulls his car around. It’s a red convertible with the top down. I think: Just my luck! We’ll get soaked. But he puts the top up, and off we go.  [DR 2-24-10]

Interpreting Rain in Dreams:

Depending on the dream dictionary you consult, dreams of rain can be indicators of everything from good fortune (rainmaking), forgiveness, grace or emotional pain.

Of course the type of rain is important. A gentle rain has a different meaning than a flooding rain. Rain on a bright day has different implications than rain coming from stormy dark clouds.

Some say if you dream you are watching rain through a window it means true love is coming. But if you’re out in the rain it means your love affair is coming to an end.

Rain is nourishing, it makes things grow, so it can represent fertility or growth in some aspect of your life.

Rain is generally considered a good omen, according to some interpretations, unless it’s falling on cattle (livestock) in which case it portents a business loss. (Washing your ‘stock’ away?)

If those raindrops are falling on the roof it means spiritual ideas are entering your mind … or you are about to experience domestic bliss … again, it all depends on the dream dictionary you consult.

Which is why I don’t bother with dream dictionaries myself. When I look at the symbols in my dreams I just let the ideas rain down. I never try to rein myself in, instead I entertain all puns and homophones (reign, rein). And I always search for the rainbow  (the multiplicity of meaning) and the gold of insight and understanding … in all the dreamwork I do.


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11 responses to “When the Dream Forcasts Rain (CV)

  1. boy, am i glad rain means more than just water! thank you for this joyous enlightenment. can’t remember when i last dreamt of it though…

  2. I like your idea of the dreamy rain, with so many meanings! Very interesting and rich corner (an other perspective again).

  3. The last paragraph would be great for your dream materials, brochure etc. It’s a great uplifting way to look at dreams—concisely put, and yet giving the dreamer free reign!

    PS someone asked me the other day what do I think is at the end of the rainbow.
    That might be a fun prompt to dream about! (BTW, I forgot to do the dream about imagingin a treasure. Did you do it? What did you dream?)xo

  4. yes, those dream books seem so stifling! great post.

  5. I never seem to dream about rain. I do dream about water, as in glistening rivers and sunny seasides.

  6. Don

    Interesting take on “rain”. I don’t remember dreaming about rain. I’ll try tonight.

  7. I don’t think I ever dream of rain.

  8. Now I’m sorry I’ve never dreamed about rain. Come to think about it, I don’t think I’m aware of the weather depicted in my dreams at all.

  9. hmm dreaming of rain… maybe i dont need to. its pouring down outside right now 🙂

  10. South Portland Maine Guitar

    even more striking to me than the fact that it rained in this dream was that there was a realization that help was needed to get home, helped was asked for, help responded and,
    initially, the inner reaction was that the help wasn’t appropriate or lacked resources ( the top was down, ‘just my luck..” ). As was shown, the help that appeared ( the young man ) was equal to the task and had the resources and skills needed to put the top up on his own vehicle and deliver them home safe and sound…I do like what everyone has written above about the rain as renewal and life bringing blessings…

  11. South Portland Maine Guitar

    yes, the rain as renewal and growth-bringing…it is also striking to me that :
    it was recognized that help was going to be needed to ‘get home’, that help was asked for, that help arrived ( the young man ) and that, initially, the inner reaction was one of doubt ( ”’just my luck…”). It was soon demonstrated that the help that had responded was adequate to the task at hand ( they could ‘put the top up’ and adapt to the situation at hand ) and our dreamer was delivered home nicely…

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