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Awake we can’t necessarily dance with a current or future president (as I do in the dreams quoted below) — but in dreams anything is possible!

Lucky for us, dreaming of famous people is fairly common … more so, I’m betting, than actually encountering them!

The poem I’ve posted here refers to dreams I had about Barack Obama during the last presidential elections … from primaries to election day. The poem ended but the presidency continues … as do my  dreams of Michelle and Barack.

Happy reading … and happy dreaming!




I Dream of Barack Obama

a dream poem … with apologies to Michelle

It’s primary season, I’m voting for Hil,

but I dream of Barack Obama

He’s parked by the golf course on Route 9 in Leeds

I’m dreaming of Barack Obama

Just downhill from the ice cream stand — I pull off the road

In my dream of Barack Obama

I say Senator, hi, it’s nice to meet you,

I dream of Barack Obama

He gets out of the car and asks me to dance

I dream of Barack Obama

He glides me around the parking lot while golfers bend over their tees

That’s me in my dream of Barack, my dream of Barack Obama.

After the convention, he’s our candidate now

I keep dreaming of Barack Obama

This time he’s choosing the shirt he’ll wear on TV,

I dream of Barack Obama

Yellow or blue, he’s trying to pick,

I dream of Barack Obama

Then there’s the one where I’m kissing his skin,

Yes, I’m dreaming of Barack Obama,

My nose to his neck, his scent on my lips — then Michelle walks in

On my dream of Barack Obama

President-elect now, who ever would have guessed

We’re all dreaming of Barack Obama

Another one now, this time he’s on a talk show

Another dream of Barack Obama

He’s telling Sally Jesse, or Ellen, or is it Arsenio,

In my dream of Barack Obama

That things with Michelle are not working out

I dream of Barack Obama

That blonde on his right is his new woman now,

I dream of Barack Obama

Election day draws close

I can hardly sleep

At the edge of this hope, this what?

This dream of Barack Obama

This dream Dr. King dreamed, and millions more

Today the day dawned we woke to the dream

The dream of Barack Obama.



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12 responses to “Dreaming of Famous People — Corner View

  1. Riva

    Good day for posting this as we all wake up and try to remember the dream of Barack Obama! Thanks, Tzivia. Love these posts!

  2. Yes, exactly! Let’s hang on to the dream!

  3. I like your poem, I remember that !
    Maybe your dream was predicting he was to win…
    Beautiful photo of the first couple:))
    Nighttime here, sweet dreams…

  4. David

    I loved your poem with its lively imagery and sensuality. So much material in our dreams, lucky for us that you don’t forget them.

  5. WOW! You have crazy dreams. I don’t think I have dreamed of a President. Friends having babies or ex boyfriends, but not about the President.

  6. Don

    Sounds like a good dream. May you have many more!

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