Corner View — Orange (Dreaming in Color)

Orange Colored Sky

For days, it seemed, my thinking had been fuzzy; my mood detached. My dreams had been hard to “catch.” I wasn’t writing — that would require focus, which I didn’t have.

Then, dreamed I was in a kitchen so small and narrow that my hips brushed against the bead-board cabinets on either side of me. I had to turn my body slightly to shimmy through the room from the back door past the refrigerator on one side, the stove on the other.

I began to take a closer look. The floors were gleaming white, all of the appliances were new.  Bright yellow, red and orange tiles, strategically placed, decorated the stove, refrigerator and walls.  There was also a red pinstripe running horizontally across the appliances. “I have kitchen envy!” I exclaimed.

I narrowed my focus, looking intently at those tiles. The orange color drew me in. I looked at it with such interest — as though I were trying to place the exact shade on a color wheel. I noticed not just the tint, but the tone and energy that seemed to emanate from the simple fact of this sunny orange hue. I feel unaccountably happy, delighted even by this color.

Even awake, the memory of that orange made me smile. I grabbed my copy of Robert Hoss’s book, Dream Language, in which he presents an in-depth study of colors in dreams. In a chart in the back of the book I found that orange has to do with feeling friendly, welcoming, enthusiastic, outgoing and adventurous. Nothing like how I was actually feeling in the days before I had the dream. But then I remembered that a therapist with whom I once did dream work used to say that dreams were often a few steps ahead of our own growth and development.

So I moved into my day hopeful that the clarity, focus and optimism from my orange-filled dream was just a little ways down the road. Maybe I’d even encounter it that very day!

[from DR Aug. 2 2010]


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8 responses to “Corner View — Orange (Dreaming in Color)

  1. i wish you all the luck with orange, thank you for an inspiring dream…
    although, actually, your count set off another memory for me. i don’t know whether you know much about KEEPING APPPEARANCES, and the entity hyacinth bouquet? in one of such episodes, the couple ànd relatives are moving about a too small kitchen, brushing against cabinets, and rubbing eachother. i mean, hilarious! nothing to do with orange, neither… :)))
    pleased to meet you.

  2. From now on, I’ll focus on the colors in my dreams! About the orange, I have the small kitchen, now I just need to dream of the orange tiles:)

    • What amuses me is that people often wonder if we dream in color, as if it’s even a question! My dreams are full of colors … and sounds, and sometimes even smells!

  3. I love the orange tiled kitchen dream!
    And it’s funny that you talk about the color chart, as I’ve been racing to find oranges complement blue…what does blue mean in dreams? and why did I re-arrange my day in search of Blue? I’ll go see what the link says.
    Welcome to CV!! xo

  4. David

    Wow, nice dream! Reminds me of the Jewish story of the very poor family who lived in a rather small house with scarce room in which to move about. To make things worse, they brought their cow, goat, and chickens into the house. The tiny house felt like a large beautiful (orange tiled?) castle as soon as they moved the cow, goat and chickens out of the house.

  5. Don

    What a dreamy orange! 🙂

  6. what a beautiful dream! and the kitchen, the source of creative energy, the center of the home for so many, and with all that energy. thank you for sharing, tzivia! cannot wait to hear what you cook up there….

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