#29: Some Questions You Might Ask

after Mary Oliver

What if this is the dream

and real life happens when you’re asleep?

Why do I remember so many dreams each night

but I can’t remember where I left my keys?

Why don’t I have dreams in which I meet Salome

and find ancient skulls in crypt-like depths, as Jung did?
Instead I dream of searching — night after night —

for a bathroom stall with a clean seat.

Why do people always ask if I dream in color?

And what do dolphins dream about?
What if Freud was right?

How many other people’s dreams have I appeared in?
And what was I wearing?

When you reach Nirvana, do you still dream?

And why is it called a nightmare

and not a nightstallion — or steed?

What if the dream needs

the dreamer the way God need our prayers?

And did you have a good night’s sleep?
Tell me, what did you dream?


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2 responses to “#29: Some Questions You Might Ask

  1. I love the questions! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Last night I dreamed I was upside down on one of those horizontal bars they have in playgrounds and I was focusing on being able to stay that way without my knees losing the position so they’d hold me. For a second I could look up from the sky and all the clouds made an amazing circle, so there was like this radiant circular opening of blue.
    I screamed something like “Oh my God!!!”.
    and around then I woke up:)))
    Like in life, probably in dreams maybe is good to not look for answers, and in the spirit of Rick (above) and Rilke (thanks for visitng my Sag posts!) to love the dream questions too.

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