#6: A Fly on the Ground

A Found Poem And A Poem About Finding

(with a wink and a nod to my sister who knows the art of finding)

“At the age of forty-eight

On the verge of divorce, Rita left

An elegant life in LA to follow

Her dream.” I read these words

On the back cover of the library book

I just checked out on my lunch break.

Fall leaves crunch beneath my sand-colored clogs

As the line echos “Rita left …

To follow her dream …” What is my dream?

I ask my self. What is my dream? I ask the book.

What is my dream? I ask the leaves

That scatter to reveal the hairy black legs

Of an over-sized fly, plastic, grounded — Odd

I think as I walk past. “Excuse me,” the fly

Calls out. “You asked a question. Aren’t you going to listen

To the answer?” What can I do? I retrace my steps

Palm the fly, place it on the edge of my desk

When I return to work. “Okay,”

I say. “I’m listening.”




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2 responses to “#6: A Fly on the Ground

  1. I love listening to finds.

    PS thanks for linking:)

  2. I just clicked on the link to Rita.
    She is so inspiring, and that she began this at 48.
    Wow. I am going to read more about her.

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