The Red Book

Jung’s Red Book, on sale at last!

I search for the copy I will purchase;

Reject one whose pages fold up at the corners,

And another on whose pages the ink became tired and slept,

Stopping mid-sentence so Dr. Jung has had to pen the missing words by hand.

The copy I purchase — 60 percent off! Such a bargain! —

Has a leather cover that holds, pocketed within itself,

A leather holster. No gun.

Dr. Freud: What do you make of that?

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One response to “The Red Book

  1. I visited the Red Book itself … on exhibit at the Rubin Museum of Art in NYC this past Saturday. It was an amazing experience! However, unlike in my dream, in waking life there was no table covered with books for sale, and in fact the books are not even available for sale at the moment as they are back-ordered. I did, however, order myself a copy, and as in the dream, I bought it for 60 percent off! I’ll wait and see if, when it arrives, it comes with a leather holster 🙂

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