The Same Boat

We are all in the same boat.

Actually, we are all in separate boats; kayaks in this case.

But we are all on the same river.

And because we are all on the same river, the river is crowded;

Bumper to bumper or bow to stern, if you will.

And the wakes from all the boats passing send us up stomach-dropping heights —

And down again.

But we manage each to keep our craft afloat.

None of us flip over — or out.

We steady ourselves as best we can.

Paddle on.

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One response to “The Same Boat

  1. HI Tziv,
    I like the idea of everyone in the same boat, together.
    Good luck with your reading! Sorry I can’t make it:(
    Is this one of the poems you’ll be reading? If so, thanks for the preview.
    If you are posting others, I look forward to the preview…
    Love Jo

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