Brushing My Hair

What if hair represents luxury
And the brush stands for pleasure
And the scissors are the reaper
Or maybe the hair represents beauty
And the brush is for smoothing problems over
And the blades of the scissors represent the sharpness of your wit
What if the hair represents abundance
And the brush stands for wild places
And the scissor represents making order
Out of the chaos of the hair
And the futility of the brush
Or maybe none of the above
And it’s just time to get my haircut


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2 responses to “Brushing My Hair

  1. Anita

    Oh, Tzivia,

    This is marvelous. I just smiled a much needed smile from the humor and frolic in your words, and I thank you.
    Meanwhile, I have abundant hair, so I will rejoice in that, despite the innumerable white assassins that are assaulting the previously auburn turf of my head.

    Maybe I should get a haircut….


  2. And thank you for sharing your smiles!


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