In this movie

kanji* float from the fingertips

of the actor who plays a Japanese

farmer and

kanji wash down the backs

of characters in rough, simple clothes, and kanji

swim through green fields that are probably

growing rice; elegant symbols

symbolizing speech

that I can’t understand

but fully love

in this movie

in this dream.


*kanji = a Japanese alphabet


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3 responses to “Subtitles

  1. 字マクdream


    subtitles dream

    rice field

    My first poem in Kanji!
    maybe we can collaborate —-i love this idea, it’s so quiet—you dream and I translate into a visual Japanese which may or may not make sense, but appeals to the senses of words and dreams

    (and symbols)

    • And/or you could paint, photograph or film the dreams! This one was so delightful and beautiful I’d love to be able to show it to you and others!

      • Realized later that the image/idea probably came from the Lesley Dill exhibit I saw a few days prior to the dream … In her artwork 3-d words flow off of and around bodies, etc.

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