Green lizard slithers down the hall
A lizard in the house!
I want to run, but instead I follow, curious.
I live with you, small green creature, I will know you.
I fly just above and watch you move.
I am listening: Ground-hugger, dreamwalker,
What message do you have for me?


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3 responses to “Dreamwalker

  1. Amazing, I just came to visit to give you this website,which looks like a good place to find
    amimal symbolism

    I’ve been seeing a lot of ants in Real Life (in my house unfortunately) and decided they might be trying to tell me somehting.
    So I came here instead of e-mailing it, and lo-and-behold,
    you are listening for lizards! (I will look them up later myself, you have me curious now what they could mean..)


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