Dear Donkey: Asleep after debating Truth with S

Dear God, I pray.

You might just as well say

Donkey, you reply.


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2 responses to “Dear Donkey: Asleep after debating Truth with S

  1. Have you seen this, from Global One-ness:
    ‘Dreaming about this interesting and amusing animal may have several different and opposing interpretations. Therefore, it is very important that you pay attention to the details and the emotional tone of the dream. A donkey may represent humility, honor, and “royalty” in disguise. On the opposite end of things, it may symbolize stubbornness and an unyielding personality. Also, it may represent a person who has many burdens and carries a “heavy load.” Either way, the individual symbolized by the donkey has redeeming qualities which include ruggedness, endurance, and loyalty. (But don’t get them angry because they just may kick you with their hind legs– just kidding!)’

    PS I just dreamed that I received some lovely soothing energy from a relative on the other side of the world, somewhere in Western Massachusetts. Then in the dream I went to her blog and found a dream about a donkey and wished her good night.

  2. I looked at the Global One-Ness site. Very interesting. But where did you find dream interpretation on there? I didn’t see any!
    Dream on 🙂

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