Dreams During My Daughter’s Visit From College


It’s Mothers Day.

Really? Okay.

And my old boss is selling gift certificates.

Great deal! Just $25 each. And each one buys

Much more than $25 worth of goodies! Ways to pamper mom!

I buy one for a mother I know, and immediately wonder

Why am I spending my money on her? Regret the outlay of cash.

Regret the generous urge.

And then, another friend of mine, a mother, too,

Hands me a certificate just like it!

How generous of her! How uncomfortable for me!

I have nothing to give back. I didn’t buy her anything.

And do I want $25 from my old boss, anyway?


Why, I wonder later, can’t I just accept the flow?

The generosity of mothers?

The unequal give and take that adds up to good for all?


A boy runs toward me

His hands folded against his left hip,

Making a sideways v-shape

Someone tells me this is the sign of love and respect

From child, for parent.

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