Water, Water


I am cleaning out the basement: removing old things C. left behind, taking down posters and signs she’d hung on the walls.  

(Not nearly as interesting as the dream about the mouse hanging off the chipmunk’s ear, I know … but … )


I am in the basement looking for something — I can’t remember what. I notice a stack of C’s old things next to the hot water heater and decide it’s time to clear them out. I have many things on my to do list and cleaning this mess isn’t one of them, but suddenly, this old pile of picture frames and posters seems like an urgent project. As I begin to toss old posters away, I notice some of them are damp. A little investigation reveals a big problem: My hot water heater is leaking.

(I am grateful to my dreams for leading me straight to the source of my problem — but it makes me wonder what more I should know about that mouse dangling from the chipmunk’s ear!)

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